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Greetings from Pastor Naomi

O God,

you have called your servants to ventures

of which we cannot see the ending,

by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.

Give us faith to go out with good courage,

not knowing where we go,

but only that your hand is leading us

and your love supporting us;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church,

Seven years ago, I began a journey I definitely could not anticipate, Intentional Interim Ministry. I did not understand how the Spirit was leading and guiding me. All I knew was the Spirit was at work in me and in the five congregations I have had the great honor and privilege serving.

I am thrilled and excited to be called to be your Intentional Interim Senior Pastor. I do not know when I walk in the door of a congregation what will happen as we walk in faith or how long we will walk side-by-side or how long the season will be we will be together. All I know is this, I am called to be first and foremost your pastor. Again, I trust the Spirit to lead and guide.

My first Sunday with you will be September 24th. I will be in the office Monday to Thursday. I live in Janesville. So, when I am at church, I am there for the day.

Now is a time for learning and experimenting, for growing and deepening in faith, for telling our stories and dreaming about what could be, for learning and asking questions. Together we will try some things…some we will love and wonder why we haven’t done this before, some we will just know we don’t need to do again, and some we will continue with modifications and edits.

I look forward, with anticipation, to our journey together.

See you in church,

Pastor Naomi

P.S. A few things about me….I love to read (all kinds of genres), knit, garden, walk, sew, travel, quilt, and stitch. My husband and I have been married 41 years (in case you are wondering, yes, I was a child bride-hahaha!). We have two dogs—LuLu an eleven-year-old basset hound and Shiloh a ten-year-old Pomeranian we inherited from my Dad. I have a step-daughter who lives in Scotland with our beloved four grandchildren…and her husband…truly a wonderful place to visit. My Dad was a pastor as well who preached his last sermon two weeks before he died at the age of 85. I was born and raised in Minnesota, been living in Southern Wisconsin since 2009. Enough for now….I would love to have coffee or lunch, give me a call.

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