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Community Connections #2 | Friendship Boats

For me, volunteering is a "Calling." God has placed me in many different areas to accomplish His/Her work. I have volunteered in just about every area of the Church during my nearly 50 years of membership. It has been a very fulfilling journey and a way to meet and interact with other members, from the very young children to our Senior Citizens. It has been a life journey of answering God's Call and/or nudging to do His/Hers work in the Church and community, or just saying "YES".

The 2 latest volunteer opportunities have been organizing Winter Wishes in Nov./Dec.and starting a Friendship Boat

Friendship Boats were started during COVID. They were designed to counter some of the isolation and at times loneliness felt being "safe" at home. They were set up for socializing via phone conversations once a week. A "Captain" guided these conversations, offered devotions and prayers.

My Boat is still meeting weekly, but now in each other's homes. We bring our own bag lunch and enjoy conversing, sharing painful and joyful moments in our lives, have devotion and prayers. We started slowly during COVID by having our lunches in a member's driveway.

Once again, the fulfillment and joy I receive, knowing the crew members have been able to feel connected, loved, and heard while going through their grieving process or other life concerns. The love and caring for one another has been a God-given Blessing.

Darce Olson

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